Reflective Window Film - A Better Alternative To Blinds

    Alexander Smith

    Reflective Material‚Äč is the new thing. I am going to explain to you the uses of it for conservatories, offices, places of education and homes other than just cars. In this article I will be writing about the film. And how it could be the new way of stopping the heat instead of blinds.

    Reduce glare with reflective window film

    Reflective window film has great uses. One of the main uses of the film is to reduce the suns glare. It reduces up to 83%. In offices, schools or even homes the film comes in useful. Because of the reflective exterior, it reflects most of the suns glare. This might have been a problem for you to see your computer monitors, televisions or interactive whiteboards.

    Reflects heat better than blinds

    Due to the amount of the sun infrared rays the film reflects you will notice a huge drop in heat for the better. For instance, imagine a conservatory, in the peak of the summer they are unbearable so people tend to have all the roof blinds closed. All this does for the room is makes it darker giving it a depressing illusion. Whereas the film allows half the amount of natural light through (better than none) and makes the room a whole lot cooler. In an office or classroom with lots of people constantly, it can be really hot as it is, especially in the summer. The reflective window film will reduce the suns heat making it cool and bearable.

    Window film is hassle free

    With this type of reflective film you are able to have no blinds on the conservatory roof as the film does a better job whilst allowing in half the natural light. Blinds are expensive, a lot of hassle to open and close and hard work to keep clean because of flies being trapped under there all of the time and dust. And in an office it can be annoying having to keep asking staff to open and close the blinds. With the film you will only need to close the blinds when it's dark outside.

    Perfect for glass conservatory roofs

    Not only can you have it installed to the conservatory roof, you can have it on any windows providing they are not polycarbonate. For polycarbonate windows you would need a film called coolkote. It is similar but more like a vinyl.

    Paul Foster is the managing director of Luxico (who also trade as Vision Window Films on the internet. He has over 15 years experience in the window film industry. To make your conservatory cooler click here to buy Reflective Film today